Chocolate Indulgance Supreme Moist Cake

11:01 PM

Nigella once said, I quote - The perfect chocolate cakes should be damp, rather than dry and should have "a hint of pudding about them,"

And so with that "hint of pudding about them" I studied for a few nights on the chemistry of fluids and cake density to come up with my own recipe of what she defines as "the perfect chocolate cake"

OK Baking and me don't jive that explains why I am not hard up on owning an OVEN (have a small one for roasting and grilling and basically that's just IT) but for a belated birthday and a pre birthday cause (my husband's on the 27/4 and my mom on the 7/5) I decided to experiment. So VOILA!! My own creation

The Idiot's Guide to Chocolate Indulgance Supreme Moist Cake with Chocolate Ganache and original from Fay Rahim :)

You will need :
1 Pullsbury Moist Supreme Cake Mix
1 can of evaporated milk
4 eggs B size
1/3 cup of corn oil

beat eggs lightly until white n yellow combined
pour in 1/3 cup of corn oil

let them emulsify together
place cake mix in large boil
gradually add bit by bit (1 senduk at a time) the emulsified ingredient (eggs and oil)
mix well
cake mix should be a bit runny than a baked cake mix

greased lined a microwave resistant tupperware
(since u will be steaming this)
pour cakemix 1/3 of the tupperware 

steamed for 1 to 1 half hours
check with a skewer (or lidi satay) to see if cake has steamed well
(you should not have any residue on your skewer)
leave to cool before putting a ganache topping

for the ganache you will need
200ml heavy cream
200grams cooking chocolate
1 tablespoon of corn oil

melt chocolate in a double boiler bath
I dont have chocolate themometer sowie 
just used my better judgement
add the corn oil
this will give your ganache
a shining effect

warm the cream in a saucepan as well
but DONT bring to boil
just warm enough
to emulsify with the melted chocolate

add the cream SLOWLY
and stir constantly
dont panic if it looks weird n runny at 1st
but will slowly thicked

cut the cake into half
spread the ganache on one half
and sandwich together

once sandwiched
you may then coat the whole cake with the remaining ganache

you can also add whip cream with bananas for a twist if you like for the sandwich filling
but am just drunk on my own ganache right now hehe

tapau for tonight before bed :P

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